Suspension Parts Systems : When we think about the performance of a vehicle, the first issues come to our mind are the horsepower, torque and 0-100 km acceleration values of that vehicle. However, these issues may become nonsensical if the driver do not have an ability to control the motions of the car. Nowadays, the manufacturers of automobiles become an expert of the four stroke engines and they have started to focus on suspension systems of the vehicles with the aim of boosting performance levels of the cars.

The purpose of the vehicle suspension is that with the help of augmenting the friction between the wheels and road surface to the maximum degrees, increasing the stabilization of the car to the optimum level and providing drivers with perfect turnings. These functions of the suspension systems are the primary requirements for both the safety and the comfort of the drivers and passengers who are carried by that vehicle. If all of the roads in the world were smooth, we would not need suspension systems as much as present; however, it is impossible to ensure smoothness of all roads in the world especially in developing countries. Consequently, there is always possibility to have some car crashes or car damages due to uneven roads.

According to the Newton’s law of motion, there are components of all forces in terms of direction and size. While tires are passing through a bulge, there is a upward acceleration. As a consequence of that acceleration, there might be stabilization problems in accordance with possible disconnections between the tires and road surface; the role of the suspension is minimizing these possible stabilization problem of cars. Specifically, suspension absorbs the upward acceleration of the tires and allows tires to sustain its connection with road.